Friday, July 15, 2016

SDA5714 LED Display working with Arduino, with source

Found an old LED display from a Motorola MicroTAC with the markings SDA5714
Looked around the internet and found info mostly in Russian and with different code for atmel but not Arduino, decided to create a sketch with pinouts and a comprehensive example that uses both rows and the other LEDs (phone icon dots and etc), the font is implemented in the code, so you can modify it.
So here it is in action.

Here is the Arduino Sketch
Hope that helps anybody.


  1. Hi, I have a display from instead a StarTAC, layout difference appears to be the left where the signal dot meter is horizontally across the top of the alpha instead of vertically along the left as in the MicroTAC Elite.
    My concern is the pinout, it looks as though you soldered directly on to the board. I want to use the ribbon connector, I have an inventory of junked laptops I can pull parts from.
    The connector is a 19 pin and naturally there is no info online. A tag on it is labled: QCMS-2473. 53M03 HP, not a series as: SDA5714. Don't want to incorrectly wire, I'm looking for a conversion between this connector and your pinout. I only want to use the alpha line(s). I'll be using an Arduino Uno R3.

    1. Hi, can you take pictures of all sides and post them with a link?

    2. Hi Ronen, thanks for responding to my post. I've posted my display; varying angles and added the link below. Hope this is enough to identify the similarities between the displays.