Monday, January 28, 2013

Stellarplayer MOD & S3M module player

StellarPlayer V0.1
Finally SD support and multi-format support.

Added to the player:
1. Visualizer that uses the stellaris launchpad RGB (uses red and blue - left and right cahnnels)
2. S3M and MOD formats supported (detected by extension)
3. SD card support (using SPI mode on SSI0)

1. Because of the memory constraints the player only support up-to 14 channels mods
2. Some mod/s3m will not be able to played smoothly because our far buffers are quite small.
3. There are only 1100 bytes of free RAM left.
4. Put all the mods in a folder called "mods" in the root of the sd card
    I'm not sure fat32 is supported....

I've added a small LC filter to the output to limit the high frequency signals.
Here is a site that is help-full link , you don't have to use it but it gives a better sound.
(My cutoff frequency is 10Khz)

  • Left PB1
  • Right PB0
SD card:
  • SCK (clock) - PA2
  • CS (Chip select) - PA3
  • MOSI (Master out slave in - DI) - PA5
  • MISO (Master in slave out - DO) - PA4
Right button next song, Left button previous song.

Sources and binary.