Monday, June 11, 2012

Constellaris - A puzzle Game

Hello All,
I'ts been a while since I've posted last, but I've been busy writing my own game instead of
porting existing ones.

So here it is,
It's called Constellaris and it's for Android platform and now I'm going to shamelessly promote it...

This is a simple puzzle game where you need to draw constellations (basically connect the dots)
You need to bridge two stars on screen without tracing back so that in the end 
you will have the same shape that is traced in the background.
Each level increases the level of difficulty.

You have a hints systems that helps you along the way if you get stuck and some options for convenience (Undo, clear and etc).

Menu Screen:
Inline image 1

Level Selection:
Inline image 2

In game screen shoot:
Inline image 3

Video of the game play:

There are two versions free and paid, the difference is that the paid version has 27 more levels and no Ads.

Hope you like it.

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