Sunday, August 28, 2011

REminiscence (Flashback) for N900 (Maemo 5)

Port of REminiscence is ready first version.

Download binary here
Download source here

To install type in X Term (While in root):
dpkg -i reminiscence_0.1-1_armel.deb

to uninstall:

dpkg -r reminiscence

This package requires the original Flashback files see readme below.

REminiscence for Maemo 5

You need to have
folders the FLASHDATA folder should have the data files from flashback either
PC or Amiga versions are supported the mod files from the amiga version
can be used with the PC version, but a special naming scheme has to be used

You can use this in a batch file (Windows) to rename the amiga names
to the one supported by reminiscence then copy to FLASHDATA dir.

ren ascenseu.mod mod.flashback-ascenseur
ren ceinture.mod mod.flashback-ceinturea
ren chute.mod mod.flashback-chute
ren desinteg.mod mod.flashback-desintegr
ren donneobj.mod mod.flashback-donneobjt
ren fin.mod mod.flashback-fin
ren fin2.mod mod.flashback-fin2
ren gameover.mod mod.flashback-game_over
ren holocube.mod mod.flashback-holocube
ren introb.mod mod.flashback-introb
ren jungle.mod mod.flashback-jungle
ren logo.mod mod.flashback-logo
ren memoire.mod mod.flashback-memoire
ren missionc.mod mod.flashback-missionca
ren options1.mod mod.flashback-options1
ren options2.mod mod.flashback-options2
ren reunion.mod mod.flashback-reunion
ren taxi.mod mod.flashback-taxi
ren telepor2.mod mod.flashback-teleport2
ren telepora.mod mod.flashback-teleporta
ren voyage.mod mod.flashback-voyage


Quit - Q button
Inventory\Skip Movie - Backspace
Operate / run / take - Hold Shift
Gun in/out - Space
Use Object - Enter

Thanks to: Gregory Montoir (
for creating this great source.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Got new phone ... It's the N900..

Hello readers,

Good news I've got a new phone and it's the N900 probably the last great phone
from used to be all mighty Nokia.

Right now I'm in the process of acquainting myself with it's development environment
and probably soon will start porting stuff, hopefully some of you will find it useful.