Sunday, June 12, 2011

I'm not dead, But Symbian is...

Hello everybody,

It's been a long time since my last update, there are few reasons for that.

I was working on my port and was almost at the end but encountered a very hard bug with
the sound system which was playing the sounds after a delay which made the game useless
and till this day I had not found a way how to fix this bug there
seems to be some problem with SDL_Mixer.

Nokia also has announced that they will stop supporting Symbian and switch to Windows platform.
There was also another company that did just that to survive but now is almost gone into obscurity, Palm.

These two factors together have demoralized me somewhat so right now porting has been halted.
I still have my n95, but the platform shows it's age which leaves me unwilling to support it for now.



  1. Take a break, gather your breath.

    Then buy a cheap used Intel Mac and start making iOS apps. Your talents are too great to go to waste, and on iOS they will be appreciated and acknowledged.

    I most likely will never be back to this site.

    Good luck.

  2. Owww what a pity, but i think symbian isn´t dead yet.

    And what about this ? :"Nokia is committed to supporting Symbian through 2014", i guess we have some time :-).
    Windows Mobile 7 is quite cheap system, it really needs a lot of work.
    And what about multitasking ? pheew.

    Well, you have some problem with sounds ?
    So you should ask AnotherGuest, he definitely helps you somehow.
    Certainly it will be resolved some way.

    I think it´s really pity and
    now isn´t time to give up.

    How many developers are on other platforms ?
    And how many developers are on symbian,
    hmm it´s quite a different.
    I think, here is a good place for you :-).


    BTW: Anotherguest should be available next week :-)

  3. So is it really the end ? :-(

  4. Guess so.
    Also will you release(even if it is a WIP) your OpenXCOM port?

  5. Please make another port ...

  6. My Old port of openXcom relied on really old version of OpenXCOM that had barely any game-play no save or load game and was not usable what possible use will you have for this and I was relying on mouse emulation of the Emulator to use the game, I will have to rewrite the that part to use the accelerometer or keys which usually is a lot of work (took a lot of time in Abuse), besides the N95 is no longer my main phone...

  7. hi Ronen k. I'm searcing on the internet to found a pure symbianer to reply my questions and your the perfect man. If you're log in to this blog please reply me back as you can. Thanks in advance!