Sunday, February 27, 2011

Dodgin diamonds II ported to Symbian s60 v3


I've finished porting DD2 (most of the work was already done by Anotherguest so thank him)

2d shot em up scroller.

To know more about this game please visit

Release 0.2(10) based on version 0.2.5 of DD2 by Anotherguest
This version has:
 * First release, Game functionality
 * configuration saves
 * Highscores
 * Game was tested on n95

Download game

Download source


  1. Great job on my friend .... c5-00 game is working fine, no problems noticed ...


    mayuseful ))))

  3. WOWOWO :-( again it doesn´t works for me ? why ? Now it fall down in the second quarter ...
    What is wrong ? for example Tron works ..

    when i turn it on, so i can see only white screen and than fail...

    Here is video:


    Which SDL version you use ?
    The the last (sdl-1.2.14-s60-2.4.4_armv5)
    or previous ?
    because for now doesn´t work :-/

    Thanks and sorry it must be annoying.

  4. SID thank you, but I already know of that page.

    implol: try this SDL this is the one I use

  5. Ouch so it was the error ! I had newer SDL :-D ... aaa..

  6. Hi, Ronen K! Greetings from Russia:)
    The game is a great one:) it runs perfect on my N95 8Gb, but unfortunately it keeps its config and record table in C:\resourse\apps\dd2 which is a place it cannot write to.
    So it doesn't save either my records or the settings, and its really annoying:(
    By the way, on exit it gives a massage saying
    "unable to save hi-scores
    do you have permission to write into c:\resourse\apps\dd2\dd2-hiscore?"
    Can this problem be solved somehow?
    Thanks for your work anyway:) Best wishes:)

  7. Still looking forward for your reply...

  8. Hi Preddy,
    I will create a new version that will write it on the memory card on E.

    Be patient.