Sunday, February 27, 2011

Dodgin diamonds II ported to Symbian s60 v3


I've finished porting DD2 (most of the work was already done by Anotherguest so thank him)

2d shot em up scroller.

To know more about this game please visit

Release 0.2(10) based on version 0.2.5 of DD2 by Anotherguest
This version has:
 * First release, Game functionality
 * configuration saves
 * Highscores
 * Game was tested on n95

Download game

Download source

OpenXCom port

Hello everybody,

As you know I am working on an OpenXCom port for the Symbian, I even have a running version.
But right now OpenXCom in not yet complete (see here:
and it would be a waste of time porting every single code change to Symbian.

So we will have to wait till that project is more or less complete (meaning that you can actually play the game from start to finish) until I make any further progress.


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