Tuesday, January 25, 2011

GLTron ported to Symbain s60v3

Phew, I have been really busy these couple of month, this port took a lot
of time to finish because of the OpenGL part.
Here is the first released version.

This is for the OpenGLES supported phones only
Read the ReadMe file inside the zip carefully!

GLTron for Symbian S60v3 by Ronen K.
To receive updates please visit: http://mobile4dev.blogspot.com/

GLTron is a game created by Andreas Umbach (http://www.gltron.org)

Release 0.1(11) base on version 0.70 by Andreas Umbach
This version has:
 * First release
 * Game was tested on n95
 * Support for music files of types MOD,XM,IT and etc (all mikmod backed)
 * this game is full port you can try different artpacks
 * You can try changing the scripting files everything should be supported
 * Do NOT turn off the floor texturing (show_floor_texture) it will kill performance


There are 2 versions of the zip file 

 1. A Full install version GLTronFullS60.zip which contains all the files needed.
    !!!The full version has to be installed on the memory card!!! ie E:
 2. A Minimalistic version GLTronMinS60.zip which contains only the main sis file
    this version requires the directory E:\GLTRON\DATA into which you can copy
    the windows version of the files (see tree.txt for more info)

GLTron is the work of Andreas Umbach
SDL_Sound creators
mikmod creators

 * SDL runtime for S60 http://koti.mbnet.fi/mertama/sdl.html
 * Ability to install Selfsigned apps on the phone
 * OpenGLES compatible phone

If you encounter some errors on the white screen and the game will not load
please let me know.

Download Minimalistic version
Download Full version



  1. It doesn't seem to work for me. I am using an N95 8GB. I installed the game (full) but it did not work. I could not install the SDL as it said that it was not compatible wiith phone and it cancelled the install when I ignored the warning. Is there a way around it?

  2. I also have a n95 8GB.

    Which version of the SDL you have tried to install?

    try this: http://koti.mbnet.fi/mertama/downloads/sdl-1.2.14-s60-2.4.3_armv5.sisx

    Install the SDL first then the game.


  3. Unbelievable! Game super! Sorry to C5-00 is not a 3D accelerator, so I can not play it on a smartphone ... Ronen K you have other ideas in terms of porting games?

  4. SID have you tried running it on your phone ?

    I have tons of ideas of stuff to port, do you have any suggestions ?

  5. Ronen K, so I ran this game on your Nokia c5-00, the game goes without flights only when running a music player, but details of drawing the game is incomplete, it is distorted. On such as N95 smartphones, n82, etc. game is working fine))))

    Can be ported:

    - Abyss: Incident at Europa, The
    - A.G.E. (Advanced Galactic Civilizations)
    - Alien Odyssey
    - BioForge
    - Crusader: No Regret
    - Dune, Dune 2
    - Star Wars: X-Wing
    - Alien Breed
    - Alien Carnage
    - Space Hulk
    - Stardust
    - Zone 66
    - Worms 2, Worms Armageddon,
    - Street Fighter Alpha 2
    - Fallout

    But I do not know whether there are sources for these games ...

  6. When porting a game I consider several things
    1. Is the source code available for the game ?
    Or an engine recreation.
    2. Does the game play at resolution 320*240 ?
    3. Can the game work without a mouse ?

    From the games you have mentioned the only game that has source code is Dune 2 (a recreated engine) and then you need to have a mouse for the game because it's RTS and response time is critical I can create a virtual mouse using the Accelerometer but response time will be crap.


  7. I understand ))))... and possibly backport Road & Track Presents: The Need for Speed? It seems to meet all the demands, but need the source code ...

  8. Game doesn't work on my E60. I can't install SDL 1.2.14 (installer reports this version is not compatible with my phone), have to use SDL 1.2.13. After starting the game it says "Error! Couldn't create audio thread" and then send me back to phone menu. Any advice?


  9. That is strange man, can you check free memory on the device ?

  10. You're right, there was not enough free RAM. Now the game is working, but performance is below the sea level even with all settings set to low. My phone is too old for such games... But thank you anyway!

  11. The reason it is so slow is that your phone does not have a hardware accelerator for OpenGLES.

    Otherwise it should have worked fine.

  12. i have a nokia n73.the file instaled perfectly but doesen't open . Why?.please help me!