Thursday, January 27, 2011

GLTron Fix

Here are some fixes

Release 0.1(14) 
This version has:
 * Problem with the racer model texturing fixed
 * Preferences are now being saves on exit
 * Added several resolution (416x352 and 800x352) others removed
 * Made some speed improvements

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

GLTron minor fix

Here is the fix for you out there that have other then English language set ;)

Release 0.1(13)
This version has:
 * Fixed some regional problems (Thanks Sera from My-Symbian!)

Download Full version

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

GLTron ported to Symbain s60v3

Phew, I have been really busy these couple of month, this port took a lot
of time to finish because of the OpenGL part.
Here is the first released version.

This is for the OpenGLES supported phones only
Read the ReadMe file inside the zip carefully!

GLTron for Symbian S60v3 by Ronen K.
To receive updates please visit:

GLTron is a game created by Andreas Umbach (

Release 0.1(11) base on version 0.70 by Andreas Umbach
This version has:
 * First release
 * Game was tested on n95
 * Support for music files of types MOD,XM,IT and etc (all mikmod backed)
 * this game is full port you can try different artpacks
 * You can try changing the scripting files everything should be supported
 * Do NOT turn off the floor texturing (show_floor_texture) it will kill performance


There are 2 versions of the zip file 

 1. A Full install version which contains all the files needed.
    !!!The full version has to be installed on the memory card!!! ie E:
 2. A Minimalistic version which contains only the main sis file
    this version requires the directory E:\GLTRON\DATA into which you can copy
    the windows version of the files (see tree.txt for more info)

GLTron is the work of Andreas Umbach
SDL_Sound creators
mikmod creators

 * SDL runtime for S60
 * Ability to install Selfsigned apps on the phone
 * OpenGLES compatible phone

If you encounter some errors on the white screen and the game will not load
please let me know.

Download Minimalistic version
Download Full version