Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Heart of the Alien Redux port for S60


Here is a new port for HotA:

download binary
download source

Heart of the Alien Redux for Symbian S60v3 by Ronen K.
To receive updates please visit:

Heart of the Alien is the sequel for Another world which was only released for

To know more about this engine please visit (Maintained by Gil Megidish)

Release 0.1(4) base on version 1.2.2 by Gil Megidish (
This version has:
 * First release, Redux functionality
 * Quick save/load
 * Game was tested on n95


There are 2 versions of the sis file (because Sound in this game is awesome)
 1. A version with Music (Heartaline_release_sound_signed.sis)
 2. A version Without Music (but with sound - Heartaline_release_no_sound_signed.sis)

The version with music is very CPU intensive you can try it first
but the music might be choppy (It is very choppy on a N95 8GB)
So choose the correct version.

Heart of the Alien Redux is the work of Gil Megidish
AnotherGuest for a great SDL_Mixer port!
Interplay for a great game

To run Heart of the Alien, you'll need a copy of the ISO from the SegaCD.
Ideally it should be a small ISO with many MP3 files for music.
Check Gp32 page if you have the full ISO

I do not know where you can get it.

 * SDL runtime for S60
 * Game data files
 + Game music files MP3 (optional)
 * Ability to install Selfsigned apps on the phone

To install:
 * Install the SDL on the phone
 * Create HOTADATA folder in the root of the memory Card (Has to be E drive on the phone)
 * copy all the data/music files to HOTADATA
 * install the "sis" file

Controls: (when looking in portrait orientation, the game itself is played
           in landscape orientation)
   D-Pad     - Move left, right, up, or down
   Middle button of D-Pad     - Enter (shoot, keep down in order to run)
   C   - Backspace (Jump)
   App button above             - Same as Enter you can use it as toggle for running
   the green button (answer call) No need to press it to run.
   Pencil or 0 key - Shift (Use your Whip)
   App 2 button above
   the red button (drop call) - Same as Backspace (Jump)

   6 Key - Quick Save
   7 Key - Quick Load
   1 Key - Skip animation / Exit program

Note: !!! Recommended to use MagicKey for key mappings !!!

Known issues:
* no fast mode
* Not going to work on s60v5 (no keys!) for those who do have keys
  Like the n97 crowd no guaranties that it will install at all.

Leave bugs in the comments.



  1. Wow, an interesting port, glad that he supports a few clicks at the same time ... Heartaline_release_sound_signed.sis in this version there is no sound, but unfortunately the music does not start .. the music files are on the path e:> HOTADATA>

    Show you how to get away from the Panthers?) .. Jump over the cliff?

  2. You run at the panther and then go back there will be a small standalone wall in the middle of the the screen climb that and let the panther eat the cat.

  3. thanks, got the game .. still no icon ... and sometimes that after a few deaths you press the joystick in the direction and character must escape, but fails.

  4. Good port, thanks! One question - how to turn off the sounds ? The game ignores my phones settings, playing games sounds (like steps) with full loudness :(

  5. I usually use the volume keys, there is no configuration files so it can't be done permanently.

    You can use silent mode on the phone before you start the game.