Tuesday, October 26, 2010

REminiscence (Flashback) for Symbian S60v3 Update!

Hello a small BugFix version

Release 0.1(31)
This version has:
 * Small fix for phones that do not have the pencil key
   it is mapped to the 0 key (thanks to sid for finding the bug)



  1. Thank you so much! Then we should!

  2. Hi, if not a secret, when somebody else will come from you?) What new port?) Played in X-com? Possible port carmageddon?)

  3. Heart of the Alien is ready, needs final finishes to be usable.
    X-Com is a good idea I'll look into it.
    Carmageddon or OpenC1 is XNA based which is windows only, so it's not possible.

  4. Ok, waiting for the finish ;)... and about when the port will be released?)

  5. Very cool, Flashback is one of the best games ever (still have my Amiga floppies!). Thanks!

    One thing I would love to see to S60 3rd is an original Game Boy emulator :)

    X-COM would be lovely too, I've tried to run it on my Nokia E52 using DOSBox, but it was very slow.