Tuesday, October 26, 2010

REminiscence (Flashback) for Symbian S60v3 Update!

Hello a small BugFix version

Release 0.1(31)
This version has:
 * Small fix for phones that do not have the pencil key
   it is mapped to the 0 key (thanks to sid for finding the bug)


Monday, October 25, 2010

REminiscence (Flashback) for Symbian S60v3

Here is the port for REminiscence Engine for Symbian phones using s60v3


REminiscence for Symbian S60v3 by Ronen K.
To receive updates please visit: http://mobile4dev.blogspot.com/

REminiscence is a re-implementation of the engine used in the game Flashback: The Quest for Identity
made by Delphine Software and released in 1992.  REminicence was first released by Gregory Montoir in 2005.

Release 0.1(30) based on version 0.1.9 by Gregory Montoir http://cyxdown.free.fr/reminiscence
This version Has:
 * First release, basic functionality
 * Save states
 * Hopefully support for QWERTY phones (untested)
 * Some very basic vibration support (currently only when you get hit)
 * Languages support (untested)
 * Game was tested on n95

REminiscence is the work of Gregory Montoir (http://cyxdown.free.fr/reminiscence)
Sektor http://gtamp.com/PSP for a great PSP port and the README
Delphine Software for a great game

To run REminiscence, you'll need a copy of the data files from the DOS version
of Flashback.

I do not know where you can get it (google it?!)
Maybe checkout the PSP port...

 * SDL runtime for S60 http://koti.mbnet.fi/mertama/sdl.html
 * Game data files
 + Game music files from amiga, mods (optional)
   mods have to be in the correct names (check treestructure.txt for them)
   a batch file  (renamemods.bat) is supplied to help rename the files from amiga.

 * Ability to install Selfsigned apps on the phone

To install:
 * Install the SDL on the phone
 * Create FLASHDATA folder in the root of the memory Card (Has to be E drive on the phone)
 * Inside the FLASHDATA dir create a SAVES dir
 * copy all the data files to FLASHDATA
 + copy the renamed mods to FLASHDATA (optional)
 * install the "sis" file

Controls: (when looking in portrait orientation, the game itself is played
           in landscape orientation)
   D-Pad     - Move left, right, up, or down
   Middle button of D-Pad     - Enter (Use object)
   C   - Backspace (Inventory / exit from a cinematic scene)
   App button above             - Space (Take out / put back gun)
   the green button (answer call)
   Pencil     - Shift (Operate / run / take)
   App 2 button above
   the red button (drop call) - Esc (Game options)

   Long jump - Hold Pencil + left/right, release left/right and then push up
   High jump - Hold Pencil + left/right and then release left/right anytime before you get to an edge
  (he only jumps if ledge is within reach, required on 2nd level)

Note: !!! Recomended to use MagicKey for key mappings !!!

Known issues:
* No proper Icon
* No Password input (Use save states)
* No compression of saves and replays (as in the original)
* because of no compression the save files from other platforms are
  not compatible
* No mirror mode
* no fast mode
* Not going to work on s60v5 (no keys!) for those who do have keys
  Like the n97 crowd no guaranties that it will install at all.


For any bugs leave comment here.

Download binary

Download source