Monday, September 20, 2010

Working on a new game

There were no updates recently that is because I'm working on a new game.
It's is a platformer that is suitable for the rocker.

TowerStack 1.2

New version of TowerStack
Fixed the battery meter that was completely broken and other minor fixes.


Sunday, September 5, 2010

New App CogsWatch


This time I have a watch face for you.
I wanted something that looks a bit Steampunk
that is why I have create CogsWatch

Unfortunately the cogs do not move when in Watch mode but you can always
run the application itself to see them move!
The cogs do not move due to the platform limitation, the application is invoked
only once a minute to conserve battery.
The lightning in the lower left is changing every minute to a random pattern and you can
check the remaining charge in the 0-100 meter.

1. Shutoff the clock at night to conserve battery.
2. Add more date formats (not just european)
3. Add low battery indicator, any suggestions?
4. Maybe add showing of alarms that the user has set up.


Hope you enjoy this one and let me know if you encounter any bugs.

TowerStack 1.1

I've modified TowerStack slightly by adding a battery meter on the main screen.
The meter is calibrated for the WristPDA meaning that if the percentage falls bellow
20% charge I consider it critical, somewhere at 30% the meter will flash with a warning icon.

Also changed the About description somewhat.